Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to publish and make available academic books (literary and scholarly) and articles, and to cultivate a social and a critical life for these studies. The GLOBETS seeks to enhance educational efforts via publishing: (1) work by both eminent and new scholars in a variety of genres; (2) specialized and peer-reviewed researches that are generally not accommodated for publication due to its circumscribed readership; (3) textbooks for undergraduate and graduate courses; and (4) journals in a wide range of academic disciplines including Education, Technology, and Science. We are committed towards offering exceptional services by understanding their needs, and delivering them with superior quality products and services.

We envision ourselves as a notable publishing house through knowledge production and dissemination – via book and journal publications – in both the national and the international contexts. We address ourselves the task of being a key conduit of ideas reaching out to readers worldwide – in the hope that readers may process, transform, and eventually, mobilize these ideas for the betterment of the global society. We feel responsible for becoming the world’s leading hub for guiding, publishing, printing, distributing, and the related activities with cost- effective incentives for all of our customers regardless of their location.