Social sciences; health education; Scopus; map analysis


It is known that almost every field of science is related to the subject of health nowadays. This can be considered as evidence of both the importance given to the subject by the scientific community and the seriousness with which it is approached from a human perspective. In health studies, which are addressed by almost every field of science, education is the main actor. This is because achieving an individual and societal understanding of health and raising awareness about being healthy seems to be possible only through systematic education. Therefore, the issue of health education has special importance in achieving the objectives of all studies undertaken by these scientific disciplines. In line with this importance, the rapid increase in health education studies in recent years has drawn the attention of researchers from many different disciplines, especially social sciences. So, what kind of publications are made in the field of health education in the social sciences? To answer this question, the study aims to analyze the bibliometric aspects of journal publications related to health education in social sciences research. The dataset collected from the Scopus database was examined for the specified analysis. Accordingly, although there have been some small fluctuations in the number of publications related to health education over the years, there seems to be a general trend of increase. The United States is among the most productive countries in the field of health education worldwide. On the other hand, it is observed that the Journal of School Health is the most productive and influential in the field of health education in social sciences; and Qazvin University of Medical Sciences is prominent among the most cited institutions. It is hoped that the results obtained from this research will provide a general overview to researchers working on health education.